The day-to-day running of the school and its management is undertaken by the Headteacher. The governing body is similar to a board of directors, making policy decisions about how the school should be run. Governors can only act together, not individually, and they meet regularly. Smaller committees deal with matters concerning finance, curriculum, premises and personnel, and their decisions are ratified at full governors’ meetings. All governors are DBS checked. Minutes of the governors’ meetings are available from the school office.

Little Gaddesden Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School has a governing body of twelve. There are seven Foundation Governors, with two appointed by the Diocese of St Albans Board of Education, and four appointed by the Parochial Church Council (PCC) of St Peter & St Paul, Little Gaddesden. The parish priest is a Foundation Governor ex officio. One governor is appointed by Hertfordshire County Council. There are two elected Parent Governors, and two Staff Governors (including the Headteacher).

Parent governors bring the views of the parents to the governing body, but they speak and act as individuals. They should not be thought of as delegates or mouthpieces of the parents, and they do not vote for all parents in general. They have equal status in the work of the governing body, with voting rights. Parents elect two Parent Governors for four-year terms.

News from the School Governors

School Governor Report – April 2017

2016-17 Annual Financial Report from Chair of Governors

School Governors from October 2016

Governor Category Current Term of Office
Mr Nicholas Crispin (Chairman)
Committees: Resources; Learning
01.09.14 – 31.08.18
Mrs Charis Geoghegan (Headteacher)
Committees: Resources; Learning
Staff 01.04.05 – >>>
Mrs Sarah Brattle
Committee: Learning
01.09.14 – 31.08.18
Mrs Anne Consedine
Committees: Learning
Parent 11.07.14 – 10.07.18
Mrs Alison Cotton
Committee: Learning
Staff 01.09.14 – 31.08.18
Mrs Laura Gill
Committees: Learning
Associate 15.09.16 – 14.09.17
Mr Philip Heaphy (Treasurer)
Committees: Resources (Chair); Learning
Foundation (PCC) 06.05.15 – 05.07.19
Mrs Anne Heard
Committees: Learning
 Foundation (Diocese) 01.09.14 – 31.08.18
Mrs Claire Owen
Committee: Resources; Learning
Parent 01.10.16 – 30.09.20
Mr Martyn Pearce
Committees: Resources
Foundation (PCC) 16.10.13 – 15.10.17
The Revd John Russell (Vicar)
Committee: Resources
 Foundation (ex officio) 31.10.10 – >>>
Ms Briony Sutcliffe (Vice Chair)
Committees: Learning (Chair); Resources
 Hertfordshire CountyCouncil 24.06.14 – 23.06.18
Mr Paul Woods
Committee: Resources
 Foundation 01.09.14 – 31.08.18

Minutes of Governors’ Meeting

Below you can find a copy of all the minutes from our governor meetings.

24th January 2017

Attendance at committee meetings from September 2015 to July 2016

Curriculum & Personnel: 4 meetings
Laura Sutcliffe 4; Nick Crispin 4; Charis Geoghegan 4; Sarah Brattle 4; Anne Consedine 4; Alison Cotton 1;
Laura Gill 3; Phil Heaphy 3; Anne Heard 1; John Russell 0; Paul Woods 1.

Finance & Premises: 5 meetings
Phil Heaphy 5; Nick Crispin 5; Charis Geoghegan 5; Anne Consedine 5; Laura Gill 3; Martin Pearce 0;
Briony Sutcliffe 5.

Attendance at Meetings (September 2014 to July 2015)

Governors (four meetings)
Nick Crispin 4; Charis Geoghegan 4; Sarah Brattle 4; Anne Consedine 3; Alison Cotton 3;
Laura Gill 4; Phil Heaphy 4; Anne Heard 2; Martyn Pearce 4; John Russell 1; Briony Sutcliffe 4; Paul Woods 3.

Curriculum Committee (three meetings)
Briony Sutcliffe 3; Charis Geoghegan 3; Sarah Brattle 3; Anne Consedine 3; Nick Crispin 2;
Alison Cotton 2; Laura Gill 3; Anne Heard 3; Phil Heaphy 2; John Russell 0; Paul Woods 1.

Finance Committee (four meetings, including two jointly with Premises)
Phil Heaphy 4; Charis Geoghegan 4; Nick Crispin 3; Anne Consedine 4; Laura Gill 4;
Martyn Pearce 0; Briony Sutcliffe 4.

Personnel Committee no separate meetings – relevant matters covered at Curriculum meetings

Premises Committee (three meetings, including two jointly with Finance)
Laura Gill 3; Charis Geoghegan 3; Anne Consedine 3; Nick Crispin 2; Phil Heaphy 2;
Martyn Pearce 0; Briony Sutcliffe 2.

Business and Other Interests

•  No governor has declared any business interests which might involve the school.
•  The Revd John Russell is also an ex officio governor of Great Gaddesden Church of England Primary School.
•  No governor has any relative, spouse or partner employed by the school.

Minutes of the Govenors’ Meetings are available on request from the school office.