Our Vision and Values

Christian Vision – Together in Community

Built on our Christian values, rooted in the parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:29–37)

Our Vision, Mission and Values are built on our Christian values and the lessons Jesus shared. They are rooted in and inspired by the parable of the Good Samaritan;  the role they played in their community, the confidence and independence it took to step in when others didn’t, the kindness and understanding shown in looking after someone else, the effort and endeavour needed to make a difference.  Taken together, our vision, mission and values provide for pupils to leave with an enduring moral purpose, robust academic skills, positive attitudes to learning, and a strong sense of place and belonging at the heart of the community.  

Our Vision is that pupils will work, learn and play together in community.  This encapsulates our expectations for them during their time at Little Gaddesden School and beyond into their next phase of learning, then on to adulthood. We aspire for our pupils to grow into confident, active participants and citizens in their communities now and in the future.

Our Mission is to provide the foundations for this.  We enable children to fulfil their potential – as curious, confident, independent learners. We establish attitudes for learning as citizens of the future; giving them a voice to advocate for others, their communities and their environment. Pupils who fulfil their own potential, are best placed to help others.

Our Values guide us all in our day-to-day activities, shaping how we all interact with each other as a whole-school community of pupils, staff, parents and governors.  These equip us to deal with challenges that we face now and as we go through life. Our values are:

Kindness: We encourage our pupils to think about putting others first by doing things that can help them, without necessarily being of any benefit to themselves.  We show how this may require thoughtfulness, compassion, generosity and sometimes sacrifice.   We talk about the difference that kindness makes in a community and encourage pupils to be kind to others beyond their immediate friends and family. Through our inclusive attitude, pupils should also be kind to themselves, acknowledging when they need to share worries or concerns and seek support.  In doing so pupils act as role models to those around them.

Endeavour: Our pupils are valued as much for their endeavours as their achievements.  We encourage them to always do their best, to keep working hard and trying, even and especially when things go wrong.   This develops their resilience and ultimately enables them to make those breakthroughs that lead to success.  We encourage pupils to use their initiative, give-it-a-go and take a risk. We want our pupils to move-on with high aspirations of and for themselves. In doing so, to have high expectations of themselves and those around them. 

Understanding: We encourage our pupils to “stand in someone else’s shoes”; to start to understand what it is to be them and why it is that may think differently to us.   We encourage pupils to get to know each other, by listening carefully, asking questions to understand, appreciate and in time respect others’ ideas, opinions or points of view – appreciating and celebrating differences within our community and globally.  To show compassion and sensitivity with other’s beliefs and ideas, to give these consideration before reaching conclusions. Showing compassion and forgiveness, both through accepting and offering it.

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