Wellbeing Zone

At Little Gaddesden School we regard wellbeing as an integral part of being healthy. Pupils are encouraged to consider their physical health through; fruit snacks at playtimes; healthy lunch choices; water fountain in the playground and being active. Pupils have swimming lessons in Years 3 and 4 and we offer many extra curricular sports clubs including yoga, gymnastics and football as well as sports competitions for all age groups. Eight circuits of our ‘daily mile track’, allows each child to complete a mile every day. Research has shown that active and happy children have better focus for learning. In addition we arrange workshops each year that focus on all aspects of wellbeing and being healthy.

Alongside physical health, we want our pupils to be aware of their mental health; to recognise how to promote good mental health for ourselves and others. We refer to the Zones of Regulation alongside our PHSE lessons and school assemblies, to help pupils learn about and develop their emotional awareness and emotional literacy.

Our Mental Health Leads are Mrs Elkes and Mrs Blumsom, they can be contacted via the school office if you have any concerns about your child’s wellbeing.

Information for parents and useful websites

Information about support locally is shared via our weekly newsletter. If you need any additional details please contact the school office or Mental Health Leads.

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