Our History curriculum focuses on developing historical understanding. How events from the past have changed or influenced our lives nowadays. Pupils use questioning to make links across historical periods and challenge our ideas about life in the past. By learning how individuals can bring about change, pupils discover the value of perseverance. 


History at Little Gaddesden aims to engender a sense of wonder and curiosity about the past and how this influences our lives today. Throughout our learning, we aim to develop children’s understanding of chronology, significance, interpretation, continuity and change, cause and effect and concepts that weave their way through history like: power, technology, religion and invasion and settlement. The children will develop historical enquiry skills that enable them to investigate and interpret history, drawing comparisons, making connections and forming opinions based on their understanding.  We make use of the local area wherever possible to demonstrate how history is all around us and allow the children to develop an awareness of where they fit into the narrative.


At Little Gaddesden, our history curriculum is carefully sequenced to ensure progression in skills and knowledge. As we have a two-year rolling programme of learning, this has been carefully considered to allow children to build on prior knowledge. At the beginning of each unit, teachers begin by assessing current knowledge to ensure that all children have sufficient background knowledge to support their understanding. Discrete connections are made in our curriculum to draw attention to how the learning relates to prior knowledge. Embedded in each unit, are clear opportunities to develop understanding of historical concepts, including chronology so children can deepen their understanding of how periods of time are sequenced and connected. In addition to discrete learning, where possible, history is also developed in other curriculum areas to provide an immersive experience. This is further supported by off-site visits, handling artefacts and visitors to the school.


Children at Little Gaddesden leave with enthusiasm for history and a secure range of historical enquiry skills. They are able to make connections between periods they have studied and ask increasingly complex historical questions. They show an awareness of where themes have appeared throughout their learning and can investigate and evaluate evidence to form judgements, recognising their limitations where necessary. Children have a broad range of historical vocabulary which they can apply accurately when discussing issues and events in the past. They have developed their understanding of chronology and how periods of time are related and connected. 

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