Music is highly valued at Little Gaddesden. All pupils participate in singing and curriculum music lessons which are delivered by a specialist teacher. The school choir rehearses weekly and performs regularly to our wider community, including collaborations with local schools. We enjoy visits and performances from professional musicians, these may include peripatetic music teachers.

We offer a range of instrumental lessons in woodwind, string, percussion and piano which are taught by visiting specialist teachers (tuition fees are payable by parents – financial support is available – please contact the school office in confidence).


We want every child to develop a love of music through singing, playing and engaging in musical experiences. We know that through performing, to each other, as a group and to larger audiences, pupils develop confidence and skills that they can apply to other areas of their learning. 

Music lessons enable pupils to build their skills, appreciation of a wide variety of music and begin to appraise a range of musical genres.  Pupils will learn how music styles have changed and developed over time including the impact of different cultures and traditions. They will have opportunities to use their voices and instruments (tuned and untuned) to create and compose music; individually and collaboratively. Pupils will begin to express personal preferences about styles and performance. 


Pupils are taught music in single year groups throughout the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1. Key Stage pupils are taught in mixed year groups. Our overview planning reflects this. Pupils are taught skills and knowledge that enable deeper understanding and positive attitudes towards music.  Pupils are expected to participate in all aspects of music and we recognise that developing self-confidence, particularly when performing, is the most effective way to support pupils’ enjoyment and engagement. 

Pupils are encouraged to showcase their talents through musical performances, in class and to an audience. Our annual ‘Little Big Sing’ invites parents and our wider community to enjoy performances by key stages and our school choir.


We measure the impact of our music curriculum through monitoring by subject lead and link governor. Pupils’ individual progress is recorded on internal assessment records.  Pupils are able to reflect on their own performances and positively critique those of their peers. They demonstrate and articulate an enthusiasm for music and enjoy performing. 

We have an increasing number of pupils participating in extracurricular music through peripatetic music lessons or being part of the growing school choir.

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