It is vitally important to us, that all our children are adequately prepared for their future. PHSE learning at our school is based on resources from the PHSE association. Throughout the curriculum, pupils will understand: the importance of good physical and mental health; that physical and emotional changes occur at puberty; how to keep themselves (and others) safe online and offline; what healthy relationships are and when to seek help; when and how to challenge discrimination; how to asses if media information is trustworthy; what positive career choices may look like; the importance of community and embracing responsibility.

Pupils have the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge needed to thrive both now and in the future.We help them to address the critical issues and wide range of questions and decision they will meet as they mature; preparing them for their next phase of learning. We aim for pupils to understand how better health and wellbeing can lead to enjoyment of greater success.

Sex and Drugs Education are taught throughout the school at an appropriate level, with more specific lessons in Class 4.

PHSE planning overview

Relationships and Sex Education Policy

PHSE & RSHE road map at Little Gaddesden

Wellbeing at Little Gaddesden